Walkabout in Fly fishing – New Zealand

60 min (2013)

Conquering the remote wilderness with a fly rod. For many it remains a dream. Some people make reality of dreams. Follow “Rookie Angler” Sarita Eliasson in New Zealand. In her search for the Big Brown Trout she will witness spectacular scenery of mother nature.

Some of New Zealand’s best guides standing by her side. With a guide´s skill and knowledge she will experience intriguing sight fishing.

How to cast in tricky spots, mastering dead drift in cunning creeks and deliver a delicate presentation of a dry fly. Every new stretch of water is a new challenge for her. Jumping grass and Willow branches is doing it´s best to stop her ravaging.

With humor and curiosity she experience a fantastic fly fishing adventure.
In her mind – “The sun is always shining”.

Producer: www.wildernesswoman.se

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