Questions and answers

Which programs do I need on my computer?

A web browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox and the add-on Adobe Flash Player which you can download for free here.

What type of computer and peripherals do I need?

An internet connection with at least 3Mbit/s download speed or more for HD films. Your computer will also need to have enough processor and internal memory capacity, we recommend a processor with 1.5Ghz or more (multiple cores is preferred – for example a so-called “dual-core”), an internal memory capacity of 1Gb or more (depending on which operating system you are running).

Can I watch films on my Smartphone/tablet?

Yes, if you have an iPhone, iPad or Android device (Flash or HTML5). At the moment Windows Phone with Internet Explorer Mobile 9 and the browsers Firefox and Opera (for Android) are not supported by our streaming supplier.

If you are uncertain if your Smartphone or tablet can play films there is a simple test you can do yourself by loading a product page and pressing the play-button for a trailer – if that works then you can also watch films.

Why does the film pause (buffer)?

You can try to change quality of the film to SD (“Standard Definition”) by pressing the button “HD” inside the player (HD = “High Definition”). If HD is active this button will be highlighted.

Otherwise it is probably because your internet connection doesn’t have enough capacity at the time. It’s important to note that a mobile broadband connection doesn’t have the same quality as regular broadband. We recommend a download speed of 3Mbit/s or more for HD-films. You will also need a good-sized computer regarding processor and internal memory.

Am I allowed to save a film or films on my device/hard drive?

No. The Terms and Conditions forbid this. The rented film is available only via streaming and only for the period agreed at the time of renting.Only one copy of a DVD film may be made for personal, private use, in accordance with international copyright laws.

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